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During Your Procedure

General Guidelines

Westchester Medical Center is dedicated to making your hospital stay as comfortable as possible, no matter what type of procedure you are undergoing.  General guidelines are in place to help you prepare for and recover from your procedure, although instructions specific to your needs will be provided by your physician in advance of your scheduled stay.

Preparing for Procedures

Preparation for individual procedures may vary, but in all cases, you should follow your physician's preoperative instructions carefully to ensure your health and safety. Not doing so could result in cancellation of your surgery.

Some general instructions to keep in mind include:

  • Unless given permission by your surgeon, do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening prior to your surgery. This includes water and coffee.
  • If you take medication regularly for any condition, ask your surgeon whether or not you can take the medication on the day of surgery. This includes medication such as insulin, blood pressure pills, aspirin, birth control pills or heart medications.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs for at least 72 hours (three days) prior to surgery as it will affect your healing and breathing.
  • Westchester Medical Center advises against taking herbal remedies or nutritional supplements while you are in the hospital. These substances could interact with other medications that you may be taking or any that may be prescribed during your stay.

Family Information

Family members may stay with you in the pre-procedural area, and then may wait in the designated waiting area once you are taken in for your procedure. Family members of patients in the Operating Room and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) may wait in either the Surgical or ICU waiting rooms located on the second floor.

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